Bob Marley Gibson Custom Shop

Gibson Custom Shop Bob Marley Les Paul Special re-issue by And more on Iconic Guitars (Vintage and Reissue electric guitars)

  • Aged-cherry finish
  • Solid mahogany body
  • Mahogany neck
  • P-90 single-coil pickups
  • Bound fingerboard and overbound headstock
  • Aged hardware
  • Aluminum pickguard
  • [......]

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Gibson Bob Marley For Sale

Gibson’s Les Paul Special was the last of the original Les Paul “family” of guitars  The Special occupied the same place in sales as it did in the model line one of which became the main axe of reggae legend Bob Marley.

Gibson Bob Marley For Sale was reggae’s foremost practitioner and e[......]

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chinese dean guitar

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chinese horizontal guitar

There are considerable confusion and disagreements about the origin of pipa. This may be due to the fact that the word pipa was used in ancient texts to describe a variety of plucked chordophones from the Qin to the Tang Dynasty, as well as the differing accounts given in these ancient texts. Tradit[......]

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chinese harp guitar


I recently received the email below, and thought I should answer in more detail, and share it with everyone here, as it covers ground I am asked continually.

“I’ve perused your forums, however I’ve been unable to find anything in regards to this vendor on ebay: (the link went to the[......]

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chinese hat guitar

CD & Guitar Tabs available at

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chinese guitar history

Pipa, a traditional stringed instrument in East Asia , has 2000 years of history. The first musical instrument called “pipa” about Chinese Qin Dynasty. “Jue” in the word ” lute Pa meaning “jade collide, giving off a sweet rattle” indicates that this is a bomb touch the strings sound of musical instr[......]

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chinese guitar hero

This is Jason(lead guitarist/vocalist) for TENAXX ripping it up at a shopping mall in Shengzheng. in mainland China. there is another person trying to play guitar in the background………. just ignore it

chinese gibson guitar review

Manuel Monteiro Mancini playing Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters with DG-335.
I bought the guitar from